answer these 10 questions and i'll tell you what kind of lover you are: a choose-your-own-adventure heartbreak in the shape of a quiz

a short story that's sort of like if a prose poem and a buzzfeed quiz had a baby and they all fucking hated you. 

it looks better full screen.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(651 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsinkle, Narrative, Romance, Short, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionA few minutes


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The game is sad, but that's what I expected.  The game is about a breakup in my opinion there is no good ending. Also follow me I react to games and tell what they are about and rather to play them.

just a great experience, thank you

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Bruh i cant i feel so attacked T0T 10/10


ten out of ten, now i understand better why i have no friends or lover


ok, so what if i am like that??? you don't have to rip me apart 


bruh this made me cry smh. got me thinking about my boyfriend rn lol

Same...I don't wanna leave him alone because i was too scared of not sending him my sappy poetry


didn't cry the first time i played this but i logged in to download another game i had bought, saw that i left this five stars and decided to play again. crying like a bitch right now

damn. home run.

yeah this hated me

ten out of ten, I didn’t even get bored

so true


ok that rlly hurt

okay that was personal 

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my answer was very true im scared I overthink i would think of gifts and make it just never to show them because im scared they will laugh or not want it I feel terrible that I can't say I love you if I'm not texting i do love her i really do.

i felt like the one that "loved too much", the love of my life broke up with me 2 days ago. Not that all fits but I can´t help to associate, my brain won´t let me. I know I will still love him in two and twenty years, I wish I had done better...


sobbing on the floor

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JESUS this made me cry. this was so good! i love your writing.


sobbing rn


I FEEL SO BAD. i know that we broke up but reading how they felt- it hurts me so much. I'm so sorry man. the writing was immaculate and it hit deep


I came here without reading the descrpition thinking it would be a fun little quiz and now I feel attacked. Thanx I loved it. >:T

I got ghosted by my boyfriend




i felt that


well that took a turn huh




i did not expect it to be that deep wtf

i really liked this it’s a nice short game to play i was bored and now i’m not so thank

I never knew how to really express myself in relationships and this shows, this is such a greatttt gamee!! :D!!

hits close to home


It kind of hit a little bit harder than it should have, considering this is how my relationship is, and I should really take this advice to heart.


I did not expect that at all. That was really good but also dear god did it make me want to cry.  It hit hard emotionally but in the best way possible.


damn, I honestly do struggle with being vulnerable. its hard lol *sobs in the corner* 


the way i sobbed this is amazing and i relate to this in a very non-existant, delusional way because I'm the one who usually stare at my loved ones face as the fireworks colored the sky and I'm also the one who writes them poetry and buy/make them little gifts. This is.. bittersweet.  Made me miss something I never sure I had in the first place.


This is incredible

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Woah, okay this got in my feelings...Maybe I was the issues during my (Middle school/high school) relationships (┬┬﹏┬┬)...this got me thinking how much I hurt them due to how I grew up during my 'Childhood' and not realizing how much I didn't understand, damn I fr suck as a human being.  (っ °Д °;)っ 9/10 I learn something today. :)


this made me cry- like i full on got into character and imagined all of the scenes-


sobbing rn-

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this makes me miss my non-existent ex


The only game that almost made me actually cry. But I really liked the feeling of answering this. Congratulations to the developers and please make more games like this.

LOved it

10/10 would torture a friend with this :)

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